Gospel Reflections

Third Sunday of Ordinary Time

 (Sunday 26th January 2019)


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‘This text is being fulfilled today even as you listen’ – (Luke 1:1-4, 4:14-21)

There is always a word of God being fulfilled or desiring to be fulfilled in us and through us.

This passage of scripture calls us to discernment, which Blessed Paul IV described as the most important gift of all the gifts in the Charismatic Renewal Movement. The present Pope says discern, discern, discern – he is continually calling us to discernment. The question to be discerned just now is what word of scripture is being fulfilled in us, or desiring to be fulfilled in us?

Is it that He sent me to bring good news to the poor?

Or are we being called to proclaim liberty to captives or to bring new sight to those who are blind to the needs of others and to the ways of God?

The following is a simple way of discerning something:

Say I feel an urge to go to Knock and pray. The first thing I discern is that I ask myself if I really want to do the will of God in this one.  I need to get myself into the mindset of Our Lady, in so far as I can, where she says: ‘Behold the Handmaid of the Lord be it done unto me according to thy word’.

When I feel I can really say I want to do the will of God I begin in prayer to list the reasons for my going to Knock and the reasons for my not going today. When I have listed the reason for my going to Knock and my reasons against my going I ask myself which am I most peaceful about now – going to Knock or not going?

I go to Knock if I feel more peaceful about going than I think I would feel if I did not go.

St. Peter Chrysologus says that we should love and cultivate peace: “Love peace, and all the world will be tranquil and quiet.  By doing so you store up rewards for me, and joy for yourselves, that the Church of God may be founded on the bond of peace and may cling to perfect observance in Christ.”

Peace is to be found in doing the will of God and in having His word fulfilled in us.


Fr. Tom Griffin, IC


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