Youth 2000 can help you to make a difference!

Youth 2000 wants to help you change the parochial and Diocesan landscape of Ireland. Whether you can give your time, your talents or your financial support, Youth 2000 is committed to showing you where your resources are put to work and the many fruits of this work and this mission.

To find out how you can help develop this mission and collaborate with Youth 2000 contact and we will show you how you can impact on the Catholic faith in Ireland in a personal and meaningful way.

Furthermore, if  you would like Youth 2000 to work with you in reaching out to young people in your area, we would love to collaborate with you or help in anyway we possibly can.

If you would like Youth 2000 to collaborate with you in organising a life-changing retreat for the young people in your area or establish a weekly youth prayer group in your area, please get in touch at