Gospel Reflection for Sunday the 24th of October 2021

Gospel Reflection for  Sunday the 24th of October 2021

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time 

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Mark 10:46-52

On this Mission Sunday may Christ’s light of truth shine throughout the whole world and may we be given the eyes of faith to see His truth in all it’s wonder. The eyes to see Bartimeus.
In the gospel this Sunday Jesus is on his way up to Jerusalem for the final time. He has His eyes set on his Father’s house – the Temple in Jerusalem, for it is there that the “Wedding Feast” is to take place. On His way, Bartimeus, a blind man calls out to him, “Jesus, Son of David have pity on me”. Bartimeus honours Jesus with the title “Son of David” – the Son of David whom the scriptures foretold would bring the heavenly kingdom on earth – for Bartimeus knew who it was that was passing his way. The blind man pleads with Jesus “let me see again” and Jesus restores his sight. Very soon after Jesus would enter Jerusalem for all that would take place in Holy Week and the blessings that would flow for those who were not blind but had the eyes to see. And among the first to witness – the first to see – the blessing which Jesus would impart was St. John the Evangelist. He alone among the apostles was standing under the cross to witness what happened. After Jesus died, St. John writes in his gospel, “one of the soldiers pierced his side with a lance and immediately there came out blood and water” and then St. John adds, “this is the evidence of one who saw it – trustworthy evidence – and he knows, he speaks the truth.” In the blood and water flowing from the side of Christ, St. John witnessed – as several of the Saints in the early Church wrote – “Eve coming from the side of Adam”. The Garden of Eden was re-opened. This was the Wedding that Jesus had entered Jerusalem to celebrate, that wedding in which we find our own – if we had the eyes to see. The water of Christ which baptised us and his blood poured into the chalice at mass which we receive in Holy Communion at the marriage supper of the lamb and this wedding is real.

-Fr Philip Crowe