Gospel Reflection for  Sunday the  28th of March 2021

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Passion Sunday

Mark 14:1-15:48


Today we celebrate Jesus’ journey into Jerusalem to prepare for the customary Jewish festivals and as we have come to know eventually shape the history of humanity through what we call His passion, death and resurrection. The paschal mystery.

Today the church invites us to walk with Jesus as he makes that journey. Indeed, that is what the past five weeks of Lent have been about, an invite to come closer to the person of Jesus Christ. To gradually recognise, like the apostles, that He is the Christ, the saviour. It has been both a physical and spiritual journey to orientate our lives towards the good. We have made this journey personally, making our own little passions come alive through our own little sacrifices. And no doubt, just like Jesus, probably encountering some struggles and opposition along the way. And we have made this journey as a family together, as a community of believers, trying to support one another.

So, we arrive at this week, Holy Week, this most special of weeks in the life of the Christian community, the church calendar. The invitation has been made and it is still open.

Watch Jesus as he makes the way of the cross, better still continue to walk with him as he makes the journey. How? Today you can participate by entering into the drama of the Word, the Scriptures and through participating in the beautiful liturgical celebrations, the church prepares in the coming week.

This week we are invited to participate more deeply into that unselfish, self-emptying service of our lives, in true imitation of Jesus. This week we are invited into the Passion of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Let’s make that passion our own.

And so gathered together on this festival to celebrate God’s coming into our lives, let’s be prepared to make the rest of the journey with joy as we move towards the celebration of Easter. . .

– Fr. Frank Trias CP www.franktrias.com
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