Youth 2000 Online Activity Programme during Covid-19

You have surely already heard that this is a unique situation and a challenging time. This is of course true and at Youth 2000, we acknowledge how many in our country have been affected by the trials of these days, we reach out and care for our friends and pray for you all everyday.

The mission of Youth 2000 is ‘Youth Leading youth to the heart of the Church’. Our motto in Latin, ‘Duc in Altum’, means ‘casting out into the deep’. 

Youth 2000 continues to work harder than ever, remaining faithful to this mission, working to reach more young people and bring them to Christ.

At the heart of this work is our Youth 2000 Prayer Groups. We are delighted to announce that these Prayer Groups are up and running online for young people across Ireland. We gather online each week to pray, to be with Eucharistic Jesus online, and to build community, friendship and fellowship with each other.

If this sounds like something you, or your family or a friend, would like to be a part of, then share this information and send an email to and we will point you to your nearest group. 

As well as this, Youth 2000 has developed a weekly programme of online activities for all young people to attend at this time. These activities are varied and take place every weeknight at 8pm (Monday to Friday).


Online Activity Programme:

Monday – Youth 2000 Online Quiz. Join lots of other young people taking part in the big quiz, meet new people and test your general knowledge. All you need is a Zoom account. 

Wednesday – Join our live streamed Youth 2000 Prayer Meeting from St. Eunan’s Cathedral, Co. Donegal. 

Thursday – Join our weekly study group with those who are completing their catechetical studies through the University of Steubenville. This course is available free through Youth 2000 and you must be 18+ to join. For more information, contact

Friday – We all know you are missing Youth 2000 retreats, so we decided to bring a little of this to you! Each Friday, at 8pm, we will be having an online Youth 2000 Workshop, with guest speakers on a variety of topics, to enhance your faith life. 


To participate in any part of this programme, simply email Emma at  with your name, number and age. As always it is free, because Youth 2000 does not want anything to be a barrier to young people exploring their faith and encountering Jesus. 

We are delighted to be able to offer such a comprehensive programme at this time, especially when people are at home, have more alone time and are missing their friends. 

We continue to ‘lead young people to the heart of the Church’ and we cast out into the deep to do so.

If you would like to support Youth 2000 in this mission, become an active partner in making this excellent work happen, and always keep it free so young people can join with no financial barriers, then consider making a donation to Youth 2000. Below is the link to where and how you can give to invest in this mission.

We would really encourage you, if you can to pick up a standing order with Youth 2000 and give monthly. These contributions go directly to making sure the youth of Ireland have the opportunity to explore their Catholic faith, encounter Jesus and grow in a personal and life-changing relationship with Him.

We think of all the vocations, whether religious, priestly or holy marriages, that have passed this way through Youth 2000 before us and we give thanks for all who donate and make this possible. We hold you each up in prayer every day, at adoration and daily Mass. 

 As ever we continue to drive forward with the mission of Youth 2000 because our God is bigger. 

Be assured of our prayers for you and your families, and we will speak again very soon. 

Yours in Christ,

Youth 2000 Team